Microtec receives first type examination certificate for a round timber measuring system in Germany

On February 10, 2021, the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) in Braunschweig issued a type examination certificate according to module B for the round timber measuring system of the type Logeye-DE-700 from Microtec.

This creates the prerequisites for using this type of measuring device for legally compliant invoicing of logs according to the new MessEG/MessEV in Germany.

Since 01.01.2015, the new Measuring and Calibration Act (MessEG) and the new Measuring and Calibration Ordinance (MessEV) have come into force in Germany, which newly regulates the calibration system.

On the basis of this law, the new measuring device type “round timber measuring systems” was introduced on 12.02.2020 by the PTB’s Rule Determination Committee (REA). In addition to the proven “Fixed Angle” (FW) method, this measuring device type enables diameter determinations of round timber with the “Variable Angle” (VW) method.

With the “Fixed Angle” method, even with the new type of device, it is possible to continue to invoice roundwood according to common practice (in the sense of continuity of existing “roundwood measuring systems”). The measuring method “Variable Angle” has the advantage of measuring logs independent of their position and thus enables highest repeatability.

Within the scope of the type examination according to Module B, extensive measurements were carried out on logs under practical conditions using a mobile fringe projection measuring system specially developed for such reference measurements by PTB in Braunschweig.

In addition, measurements were performed under extreme environmental conditions such as temperatures ranging from -30°C to +45°C. Due to the outstanding cooperation with PTB, it could be proven that the new log measuring system meets all requirements for a log measuring system.

The measuring device type Logeye-DE-700 from Microtec measures logs with and without bark without contact. The measurement is based on the principle of laser triangulation, whereby the measuring points on the log are recorded with a total of 8 cameras. The use of dual camera technology, which captures the measurement points from two different angles, minimizes shadowing and thus significantly increases measurement accuracy.

“With the newly approved measuring device type Logeye-DE-700, our customers from now on have the possibility to use a measuring device according to the current state of the art for legally compliant billing of logs and at the same time they can rely on the proven Microtec quality,” emphasizes Arianna Giudiceandrea, CSO at Microtec.

For further questions about the product, feel free to contact joern.rathke@microtec.eu and axel.creuzberger@microtec.eu