MiCROTEC announces new branding strategy with FinScan and WoodEye

Microtec, global leader of scanning and optimization solutions for the sawmilling and wood processing industry, today announced the official integration and inclusion of FinScan and WoodEye within the Microtec family.

From now on the two companies situated in Finland and Sweden will work under the common corporate brand of Microtec, reflecting the merge and enhanced cooperation between the companies. “All together, we will work towards a common goal: to be even stronger together for our customers and partners, to act globally while maintaining a local and regional presence”, states Frank Jöst, CEO of Microtec Headquarters in Bressanone/Brixen.

“After the acquisition of WoodEye in 2015 and FinScan in 2018, the integration was a natural fit for the expansion of our business. The new branding will help us to underscore the importance of our responsibility to not only satisfy continuous evolution of customer needs and expectations through innovation, but also to anticipate them.”, confirms CEO Jöst.

The ever-growing Microtec family now employs more than 290 people at its sites in Bressanone, Venice, Linköping and in Espoo. The new Microtec organization will consist of different competence centers and offices in 6 countries around the world: the headquarters in Bressanone and Venice in Italy; former FinScan now Microtec Espoo in Finland; Microtec Rosenheim in Germany; Microtec Linköping, former WoodEye in Sweden; Microtec office in Vancouver, Canada; and Lucidyne – a division of Microtec in Corvallis, USA.

Customers will have access to an extended product portfolio based on integrated scanning and optimization solutions through all the woodworking processes: from the logyard, to the sawmill, green – and dry mill, planermill and remanufacturing applications.

The aim of being one brand is to combine in all Microtec’s solutions the competences, key technologies and experiences of all these companies. Therefore, the company brands Finscan and Woodeye will be integrated as product brands under the corporate brand MiCROTEC.

For the sawmill sector, we will complement our product portfolio with the Boardmaster Nova, which will come under the Finscan product brand in the future. This will add a module to the product range of scanners in cross transport, Goldeneye 900 and Wanescan.

The Woodeye scanners complete our product range for remanufacturing applications. Especially for scanning and optimizing of hardwood we extend our product portfolio decisively. The scanners will appear in the familiar color design and with the Woodeye product brand.

The mission of Microtec is, as usual, to make the woodworking industries perform better and offer to all customers’ worldwide excellent service.

“We will have a stronger presence in the markets and thus be closer to our customers. All sites will present the complete product portfolio, including the Woodeye, Finscan and Lucidyne product brands. With the different competence centers in the group, we can use our resources optimally and support all activities for the benefit of our customers”, states Frank Jöst conclusively.

Frank Jöst – CEO Microtec Headquarters (Bressanone/Venice, Italy)

“We will be available to all our customers in the same way as before, with the same teams, and support them with our usual professionalism. This applies to all locations.”

“The main goal of the new branding is to bring together and bundle our strengths, knowledge and potential in order to develop them further together. We want to use our ability, experience and commitment for joint success in order to be able to offer our customers innovative and creative products and solutions at the highest level.”

Leif Erlandsson – CEO Microtec Linköping (Sweden)

“We will combine competence and capacity from people to bring together a unique team to cover not only a great number of technical areas but also mixing technology with geography to provide the woodworking business with outstanding sales and service in order to build systems for the future.”

“The market and customer knowledge, the know-how, as well as the individual experiences combined with the cultural influences of the individual locations, should form the foundation for the MiCROTEC Group. This new corporate structure will enable us to apply our technologies, products, solutions and commitment even more strongly and specifically for the benefit of our customers in the future.”

Allan Flink – CEO Microtec Espoo (Finland)

“Thanks to the new branding strategy, the new Microtec family will be the largest wood scanner producer in the world! Having the same brand is not just changing the company name. The change is actually more significant. We will have more common products, shared activities and teamwork across the group companies. This will strengthen our business and will create more opportunities for all employees in our common company.”

“We will continue to develop and sell our transversal scanner to the sawmilling customers. We will also improve the service of all our equipment through a service agreement system we have introduced from the beginning of this year. In the sawmilling business, Espoo will also start selling Microtec log scanners on designated markets.”