Metsä Group has made an agreement with LSAB Suomi on blade deliveries to the Rauma sawmill

“LSAB is a long-term partner of Metsä Fibre’s sawmills, and the agreement with the Rauma sawmill continues this partnership. LSAB Suomi will deliver the sawmill built in Rauma the blades it needs and will take care of necessary services. The company is committed to our common safety targets, and we’ve been able to develop our operations together. We’ve cooperated with LSAB Suomi for a long time. It delivers blades to all our sawmills and takes care of their maintenance,” says Liisa-Maija Perävainio, Mill Manager of Rauma sawmill, Metsä Fibre.

“We’re proud of the trust placed in us. Our long-term partnership is continuing and deepening at Metsä Fibre’s Rauma sawmill. It’s inspiring and challenging to be involved in building this new sawmill, which is unique in the world, with the best experts. We bring all our knowledge to this project. The cooperation also strengthens our own professional skills,” says managing director Mika Rahko.

The value of Metsä Fibre’s Rauma sawmill investment amounts to approximately EUR 200 million, and the new unit will produce around 750,000 cubic metres of pine sawn timber annually. The new sawmill will be a worldwide forerunner in technology and efficiency. For example, the use of machine vision and artificial intelligence in different stages of the sawing process is a significant new development. Similar technology is not yet in use anywhere in the sawmill industry. The construction of the sawmill is progressing as planned, and production will begin in the third quarter of 2022.

More information:
Liisa-Maija Perävainio, Mill Manager, Metsä Fibre’s Rauma sawmill, tel. +358 40 5103 304