Millar Western orders new BioVision edger line

Millar Western at Whitecourt, AB is investing in a new transverse edger line that will feature BioVision scanning and optimization with Deep Learning A.I. This is a replacement for an older line, and the mill’s goal is to increase productivity and reliability to match the production targets of the mill. At the same time the mill wants to utilize top-tier vision technology and maximize the value from its production.

The supply will begin at the edger unscrambler through to the Model 625 positioning infeed, 4TA top arbor edger with reman head, and flying vee tailer. The MillTrak lumber flow management system will control the flow from the unscrambler through the scanner transfer. The new scan frame will feature BioLuma 2900LV sensors, and USNR’s PLC control system will control the complete line from the unscrambler incline through the slow down belt.

This new line is scheduled to be commissioned later in 2021.