Segezha Group increases production of premium plywood

Segezha Group, (“Segezha Group” or “the Company”, MOEX:SGZH, a Sistema Company), a leading Russian vertically integrated holding company in the forest industry performing a full cycle of operations from logging to advanced wood processing, produced almost 98,000 m³ of plywood in the first half of 2021 at its Vyatka Plywood Mill, up 2,000 m³ YoY. The premium birch plywood segment saw the highest increase in production volumes – up 38% to 7,500 m³.

Within this segment, a new addition to the Segezha ClearPly product range demonstrated the most significant production growth – laminated plywood offered in two coating options: transparent and semi-transparent. The second option features a hint of opal white guaranteed to brighten any interior. This product was developed and launched in 2019. In 1H 2021, Vyatka Plywood increased its production of laminated plywood by a factor of 11.6 YoY.

Segezha ClearPly’s protective film will neither blister nor flake, deform when drilled or cut, nor change colour when exposed to moisture or sunlight. ClearPly can be used to make furniture or wall plates without needing any additional treatment. Distinguished by its enhanced durability, the product is not only ideal for interior finishing but also for outdoor solutions, be it external cladding, or decorating a street café, recreational area, or children’s playground.

The company supplies its high-quality plywood to Russia, Europe, Asia and the United States, while sales in China, India, Japan and South Korea are growing. The company exports nearly 80% of its products. The mill is equipped to produce 193,000 m³ of plywood.

Large-size sheet plywood is ideal for use in construction, furniture making, the automotive and shipbuilding industries, and as a flooring or decking material. Birch plywood also performs excellently as a finishing material, thanks to its moisture resistance nature, durability, lightness, and resistance to abrasion and rot.

Alexey Stepanov, Vice President of Segezha Group, Plywood and Panels: “Vyatka Plywood Mill aims to increase the production of premium plywood products, making quality assurance its top priority across the entire production process, from raw birchwood to finished products. Before plywood is shipped to customers, it undergoes ultrasound scanning using state-of-the-art equipment, as well as sheet-by-sheet surface quality control. We value the reputation Vyatka Plywood’s products have earned and approach every order with the utmost attention to detail.”

In addition to the ClearPly product line, Vyatka Plywood Mill also produces Segezha Creative (laminated plywood with tinted film coatings), Segezha Art (paint-ready plywood with no priming needed), Segezha PlyForm (improved plywood for decking applications) and Segezha Anthracite (plywood for flooring in light commercial vehicles).