Major retrofits continue at Gilchrist Forest Products

Neiman Enterprises is continuing its investments in Gilchrist Forest Products to bring it up to world-class standards, in line with Neiman’s other mills in Hulett, WY, Spearfish, SD, and Montrose, CO.

In March it was announced about the investments the company was making to its mill at Gilchrist, OR that included trimmer optimization with BioLuma 2900L scanning system, end-dog carriage optimization, and a new Stick-N-Fork stacker. Now it is adding to the Gilchrist mill with an 8″ Horizontal Shape Saw (HSS), a clamshell-style trimmer, a Transverse High Grader (THG) automated grading system with Deep Learning AI, and additions to its existing tray sorter.

These orders will be delivered through the end of 2021 and into 2022.