Rettenmeier Invests in Growth, Resource Efficiency and new jobs in The Baltic States.

With an investment program at its own location in Incukalns (Latvia), the Rettenmeier Group will expand the plant significantly over the next few years, increase the depth of added value and create additional jobs.

In the course of 2022 a new log yard and a new sawing line with a capacity of more than 1 million cubic meters per year each will be installed, followed by two new sorting lines in early 2023 and a new planing line with an annual output of over 250,000 m³ in 2024.

The focus of the entire investment and the future direction of the company is the increase in resource efficiency with higher yield, productivity and added value of the raw material with a significantly improved energy balance. Taking ecological aspects into account, the company‘s entire vehicle fleet will be converted to electromobility as far as possible within the investment period. In addition, the plant will be connected to the European and Russian rail networks in order to shift considerable parts of the freight traffic onto the rails in the future.