Pezzolato have recently delivered a new equipment for the preparation of firewood to a long-standing customer in northern Italy, designed to work with heterogeneous materials and with dimensions up to 900 mm in diameter.

The TLA 15 cutting unit, equipped with a 1500 mm diameter disc to cut bundles of wood and single logs with maximum diameters up to 610 mm and a maximum length of 6 m, is fed by a sawmill make log loader with a capacity of 30 tons equipped with 4 chains and partializing half-moons.

Splitting is done by means of two independent 11-ton and 40-ton units and the cutting operator, depending on the size of the material arriving from the log loader, determines whether to convey the cut logs, by means of a translator placed at the exit of the cut, towards the independent splitting station SC11 (11 tons) or towards the independent splitting station TB 900 (40 tons), which can be fed with logs up to 900 mm in diameter via an external conveyor and which will automatically split the cut logs to the desired section previously set.

This system makes it possible to effectively exploit the wood of local forests and imported logs, always obtaining important yields and good quality firewood logs, minimizing processing waste, working with a reduced number of operators.