Cascade Hardwoods invests in Microtec CT Log Scanning technology

Cascade Hardwoods recently invested in Microtec’s CT X-ray Log Scanning and Logeye 900 Stereo Carriage Scanners for their ChehalisWA facility.

“The CT X-ray scanner utilizes Computed Tomography X-ray reconstruction to detect internal defects including knots, cracks, rot, and bruising. This information is then passed to the Logeye 900 Stereo Carriage scanners where each segment will be recognized via fingerprint technology, optimized for best rotation and breakdown, then sawn to achieve the most value-added solution.

“Microtec is very excited to partner with Cascade Hardwoods on this project, as it showcases cutting-edge CT technology in combination with Headrig sawing’s flexible breakdown capabilities. Even smaller sawmills are able to justify and take advantage of the considerable advancements in Microtec’s X-ray technology”, explains Norvin Laudon, CT Application Specialist at Microtec.

“Microtec’s Vancouver, Canada location specializes in delivering advanced Log Scanning and Optimization solutions to the North American Market, from bucking through to primary and secondary breakdown. Microtec, headquartered in Italy, is the world’s most trusted scanning and optimization provider for the sawmilling and wood processing industry.