Nason Davis Ltd acquires the goodwill and ongoing business of Roger Mitchell (UK) Ltd.  

Nason Davis Ltd and Roger Mitchell (UK) Ltd have announced that the two businesses have reached agreement for Nason Davis Ltd to acquire the goodwill and ongoing business of Roger Mitchell (UK) Ltd.  The full Roger Mitchell (UK) team have joined Nason Davis effective from the 19th January 2022.

The Directors of Nason Davis see this as a great opportunity for these two independent businesses. There is a terrific synergy between the two Companies. The expanded business combines strong agency and trading relationships in the core softwood sector for the UK trade. The Nason Davis team look forward to working alongside the Roger Mitchell team to continue the existing business of both companies and to explore new opportunities.

Nick Mitchell of Roger Mitchell (UK) said: “This is an exciting new venture for me and the Roger Mitchell team. The Mitchell name has been a feature of the timber trade for 94 years, but the business is bigger than the name. I am so pleased to have found a way to secure the future of our business into the long term for our suppliers, our customers, and all our staff.”

For more information, please contact David Balch or Chris James at or Nick Mitchell on 01428 715900 with any queries.