Stora Enso and Tornator will restore 1,000 hectares of low forest cover peatland in eastern and southern Finland between 2022 and 2027

The restoration will increase biodiversity and improve the habitat for the species in the restored land by removing trees that have grown in the area after drainage. After harvesting, ditches will be blocked to raise the water level in peatland.

“Restoring peatland to as natural state as possible starts with harvesting when the ground is frozen and able to support forestry machinery. After the restoration measures, the drained peatland will, in the long term, recover to its natural state. We will use the harvested wood for renewable and recyclable products that replace fossil-based raw materials,” says Niina Partanen, Environmental Manager at Stora Enso.

“The launch of the five-year cooperation between Stora Enso and Tornator is a concrete step towards improving biodiversity and the state of waterways. In its biodiversity program, Tornator mainly restores drained peatlands where it is not reasonable to continue active forestry. Our cooperation with Stora Enso promotes harvesting in these areas, thus enabling the projects to be implemented as planned,” says Heikki Myöhänen, Environmental Manager at Tornator.

In the long term, the restoration of low forest cover peatland will increase the amount of carbon sequestered in peat. Improving peatland habitat will contribute to the recovery of vegetation and other species, the condition of the waterways beneath peatlands and thus, for example, the recreational use of lakes. At the same time, berry picking and hunting opportunities in these areas will be improved.

The cooperation between Stora Enso and Tornator on peatland restoration is part of a broader partnership between the companies, which also includes forest management services, research and development work and a long-term timber trade agreement that was renewed in 2021.

Tornator & Stora Enso

Tornator owns a total of 637,000 hectares of forest in Finland, making it the largest private forest owner in Finland. Stora Enso owns 41% of Tornator.