Per Österberg new CEO of Kopparfors Skogar

Kopparfors Skogar has recruited Per Österberg as the new CEO after Lars-Erik Wigert, who will retire in the spring. Per most recently came from a position as a business developer within SCA Skog AB, where he has had many different roles over the years. He is a forester and has previously held positions such as district manager and forest manager. Per will take over as CEO of Kopparfors Skogar in the late spring of 2022.

In connection with Kopparfors Skogar’s formation in 2018, an agreement was reached with the then incoming CEO Lars-Erik Wigert that he will leave his employment in connection with his 70th birthday. Lars-Erik has led the company in a very meritorious way during its first three years.

– We are very happy that Per has chosen to come to us, says Johan Trolle-Löwen, chairman of Kopparfors Skogar. Per knows the value of combining careful and long-term forest management with business development and digital transformation.

– I am very expectant before the assignment. Kopparfors Skogar has a good reputation in the industry and is seen as both development-oriented and long-term, this is something I want to continue to manage and develop further, says Per Österberg, incoming CEO.

About Kopparfors Skogar

Kopparfors Skogar AB was formed in 2018 in connection with the restructuring of Bergvik Skog AB and is a wholly owned subsidiary of FAM AB, which is indirectly owned by the three largest Wallenberg foundations.

In Central Sweden, Kopparfors Skogar owns just over 283,000 hectares of forest. Forestry is conducted with a very long-term perspective in economically viable forms, while at the same time preserving biological diversity and safeguarding cultural, environmental and social values. The company produces renewable forest raw materials for, among other things, wood and paper production. In addition, the company’s operations contribute to increased conversion to renewable energy through the development of new wind farms and the production of biofuels. Today, there are 145 plants on the company’s land. Kopparfors Skogar has a total of 26 employees, of which just over half are stationed at the head office in Falun and the rest at the four local offices adjacent to the land holdings. Read more at