Grab logs like a pro – Komatsu’s new grapple range for enhanced productivity

For a forwarder, an efficient grapple design is key to ensuring high productivity. Komatsu is now introducing a new grapple range encompassing ten completely redesigned models. The grapples have a new design with a larger opening, which offers better wood pile penetration and makes it easier for the logs to roll into the grapple.

If the crane is the long arm of the operator, then the grapple is the hand that grips the timber. This makes it important to have a grapple that is optimised to gather, roll in and grip the timber both quickly and powerfully. Komatsu’s new grapples boast many upgrades to their productivity, making them efficient and dependable forest companions.

New design with larger opening

The most striking difference is that the opening width is noticeably larger, which enables the grapple to penetrate the wood pile more quickly and easily. The logs roll into the grapple more readily as well, saving precious time. The new grapples have also been refined when it comes to gathering and straightening the timber.

In addition to the new features, naturally the grapple range has retained the key advantages of the previous models, such as the robust and durable design. The new grapples also come with several improvements for a longer service life, ensuring their durability for demanding forest environments.  With these old and new advantages combined, Komatsu grapples ensure the efficient forwarding of timber to the roadside.

Ten new grapple models

The new grapple range encompasses no fewer than ten grapple models, divided into six size classes. The range spans from the G82, which holds 0.26 m², to the G87H, which holds a full 0.50 m². The range is divided into standard, bioenergy (brushwood) and heavy-duty applications as well. The new generation of grapples are also compatible with the most common forwarders make as well as with most types of truck cranes and other vehicles that handle timber.

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