HASSLACHER Group acquires 40% of Egoin Wood Group

HASSLACHER Group has acquired a 40% stake in Egoin Wood Group. This domestically and internationally active company, with production facilities in Ea (Biscay) and Legutio (Araba), has more than 30 years of experience in the development of constructional timber solutions and currently employs around 160 people.

“The HASSLACHER Group’s 40 percent holding represents an important strategic step for the Egoin Wood Group to strengthen its position in the field of industrial timber construction and timber engineering in Spain and the international markets,” says Unai Agirre, CEO of Egoin Wood Group. “This partnership is an ideal synergy and enables the exchange of know-how and optimization ranging from forest management through the production of high-quality system solutions for modern timber construction to renewable energy solutions such as biomass and photovoltaic systems.”

Specialists in engineered timber

“The 40 percent stake in the Egoin Wood Group is an ideal opportunity to drive further the expansion of the HASSLACHER Group and strengthens our position in Southwest Europe,” says Christoph Kulterer, CEO and owner of the HASSLACHER Group. “In addition, from the family origin and the culture and values by which we live, we also share the strategic vision in terms of development, circular economy, and decarbonization as well as sustainable forest management and thus the preservation of forests.”

About Egoin Wood Group

Based in Spain, Egoin Wood Group is an international timber industry company with sites in Ea (Biscay) and Legutio (Araba) and has an experienced team of over 30 engineers who work with leading architects, developers and contractors in the design of timber construction solutions. Egoin Wood Group currently employs around 160 people in total and, once the new cross laminated timber plant in Legutio is up and running, the Basque timber industry company will employ over 200 people. Egoin Wood Group currently has a total production capacity of 22,000 m³ engineered timber products (14,000 m³ cross laminated timber, 8,000 m³ glulam), which is expected to double to up to 52,000 m³ when the third cross laminated timber plant in Legutio comes on stream in mid-2023.


Unai Aguirre (CEO Egoin Wood Group) and Franz Meließnig (CFO HASSLACHER Group) celebrating HASSLACHER Group’s 40 percent stake in Egoin Wood Group. © HASSLACHER Group

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