Esterer WD presents itself with strong and confident logo

EWD is not completely reinventing itself for 2023, rather remembering its strengths. This will also be presented in a confident new corporate image.

Since 1862 the traditional, yet innovative, company with 250 employees in Altötting and Reutlingen has been one of the worldwide leaders in supplying sawmill equipment. With this EWD stands for customer specific, highly efficient and sustainable sawmills, in which people can work safely and with passion.

Commitment to quality, reliability and customer focus count among the most important values within the company and contribute to the positive success.

As seen elsewhere in the industry EWD has enjoyed considerable growth in recent years and has taken several, successful steps towards digitalisation. Despite this the sawmilling industry will face substantial challenges in coming years which will require further, continued development.

The company, always known for realising new possibilities, is facing these challenges and developing a comprehensive vision for the future. For this EWD is drawing on its values and experience from the last 160 years and combining these with a large portion of innovative spirit and willingness for development.

This will also be reinforced in a new, confident company image.

The previous EWD logo, with the letters outlined will change to three solid, bold letters. They reflect the stability of  the company within the market and build a solid base. The company colour remains the timeless, elegant grey of the trusted machines and shows technical and classical values.

The new external image can be seen in different channels in the future. Already at the end of 2022 the new EWD Linkedin channel was launched. A TikTok presence is also planned to target future talent. The next step in the plan is an optimized Internet presence, which reflects the relevance of the company EWD online.

However, in all you will repeatedly find the future company values: Tradition AND Innovation, Awareness of the past AND Future orientation, Stability AND Flexibility


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