SPRINGER – MEET US @ Forest Products Machinery & Equipment EXPO

August 23 -25 Nashville, TN


SPRINGER’s latest innovative product development – A new high speed feeder solution for lumber sorting

Your Advantages:

  • Can handle a wide range of sizes
  • Operates superbly with different sizes
  • Lumber can be placed directly into the scraper bar partitions
  • Performance is consistently high
  • Can be adjusted perfectly to any lumber width
  • Layers are accumulated reliably without being pushed back
  • It’s maintenance friendly because maintenance lids can be walked on (crossover option)

The E-Loader is used to separate pieces of lumber. Boards are gathered at the E-Loader’s retainer by an accumulation conveyor.

The feeder lever takes the board and lifts it into the subsequent measurement conveyor’s scraper bar partitions.

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