Trimble Launches New Cloud-Based Version of its Log Inventory and Management System for Forestry (LIMS)

Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) announces the launch of LIMS PRO, a new cloud-hosted version of its widely used Log Inventory and Management System (LIMS) to manage sawmill raw material procurement. As a cloud-based log settlement solution, LIMS PRO is designed to improve operational visibility for mills. It enables small- and medium-sized forest product companies to realize productivity and growth gains that only large companies have historically been able to afford by digitizing lumber supply chain workflows.

Taking the power of LIMS and creating a more accessible Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) version, this robust business management software streamlines contracts, receiving, inventory and settlement processes into a single platform, providing forestry companies with a complete picture of their operations. In addition, the software assists with mobile ticketing in the woods before the logs make their way to sawmills, eliminating the need for manual recordkeeping.

Comprised of a mobile application, web-based applications and an onsite receiving application connected to the weigh scale, LIMS PRO provides an easily accessible reporting dashboard that shows exactly what is happening from forest to sawmill. Whether in the woods or at the weighing scale, this new software simplifies the complete process for sawmills—taking it from days to hours through improved data accuracy, real-time reconciliation, minimization of processing errors and faster truck turn times.

“At Trimble, we work closely with our customers to digitize their supply chain data,” said Kevin Toohill, general manager of Trimble Forestry. “LIMS PRO enables partners and others along the value chain to digitally transform their operations—moving from paper tickets, log sheets and manual data entry to modern workflows. This means increased accuracy and less time spent tracking down paper copies or entering data multiple times.”

“Leveraging our work with more than 500 large forestry customers, we have developed a hosted, cloud-based solution that gives small- and medium-sized businesses the opportunity to benefit from our enterprise expertise while having digital workflows tailored to meet their needs,” said Toohill. “This takes the complexity out of managing and maintaining a dedicated on-prem log and inventory management system.”

In addition to digitizing the supply chain, this new software enables forestry organizations to:

  • Simplify load reconciliation by syncing the weigh scale to the settlement system within minutes
  • Automate invoicing and financial settlements
  • Track yard inventory while monitoring costs to procure timber inventory
  • Manage key performance indicators and assess the overall health of the business
  • Seamlessly share data with partners
  • Eliminate need for additional IT infrastructure as the solution is hosted and managed in Trimble’s secure AWS cloud environment
  • Integrate mobile tickets, using the LIMS mobile application, with weigh scales to replace hand-written tickets and log sheets

About Trimble Forestry

Trimble’s forestry division offers SaaS and enterprise software to improve the productivity and sustainability of the world’s most recognized integrated forest product companies, forest managers, conservation organizations, government departments, finished product manufacturers, and the partners that connect the global forest supply chain. Trimble’s Connected Forest solutions manage the full raw materials’ lifecycle of planning, planting, growing, harvesting, transporting and processing. For more information, visit:

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