Combilift celebrates 25 year anniversary

IFI had the pleasure of visiting Combilift at the headquarters in Ireland for their 25th Anniversary celebrations. The event comprised of press conference, a full factory tour, meeting employees, launch of new products, and a celebratory dinner.

In its 25 years, the company had built its own community, whilst also strengthening the one surrounding it. Heather Humphreys, Minister for Social Protection and Minister for Rural and Community Development, spoke on the companies ‘achievements’ and dedication to the community, and commented on its rapid growth over the years.

The company specialises in multi-directional forklifts and long load handling solutions. Combilift prides itself on providing a unique customer experience as they explained the custom experience each customer receives. Their product, which is fully customisable, comes with a complimentary space utilisation consultation, where Combilift assess the customers work space, suggests a machine, and assesses how to utilise the space a customer has in the most efficient way possible.

New products:


Combilift announced its move into the offshore wind sector with the launch of a new product designed to meet the load handling demands of largescale offshore wind manufacturers. The Combi-LC, designed at Combilift’s HQ and Manufacturing plant in Ireland, in collaboration with Siemens Gamesa, allows for the movement of wind turbine blades and towers through production stages and on to storage locations.


They also announced the new Combi-AGT Autonomous Guided Forklift Truck, which aims to deliver long loads in narrow aisles safely and reliably, around the clock. Their autonomous truck solutions combine sophisticated innovative technology to provide the highest levels of productivity and safety. The Combi-AGT can operate autonomously in guided aisles and free-roaming while also featuring a manual driving option.


Combi-Connect is a telematic software product that provides customers with greater levels of insight into fleet management and usage, providing real-time data on fleet performance, including location tracking, usage analytics, and maintenance alerts. With this invaluable information at their fingertips, businesses can improve and enhance operational performance.

Multiple awards were awarded at the celebratory dinner, to employees and distributers for their hard work, support, and dedication to the company. The dinner also provided the audience with an insight into Irish culture, as it entertained attendees with an array of Irish music and dance.

In 1998, the company founders Robert Moffett and Martin McVicar pooled together their expertise and shared vision to design the world’s first internal combustion engine powered, all wheel drive, multi-directional forklift. From two innovators selling 18 machines in year one, to exporting to 85 countries and with more than 60,000 trucks in use worldwide, Combilift has grown into a global company.

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