Hughes Pacific Expands Timberland Holdings in Canada

Hughes Pacific, a (owned by the Hughes Family Trust of Washington State, USA) is an innovator in sustainable forestry and LiDAR carbon offset project development solutions, has announced a significant expansion of its operations in Canada.

The company has successfully acquired mature timberlands in Alberta and British Columbia and unveiled plans to acquire up to an additional 4,000 acres of mature timberland from private landowners across Canada. This expansion will not only support the production of renewable wood fuel products but also bolster the company’s precision forestry management capabilities.

“Our commitment to sustainable forestry and carbon offset project development innovation is at the heart of this strategic move. By acquiring these timberlands, Hughes Pacific is positioning itself to play an innovative role in the development of carbon offset projects throughout Canada while helping provide renewable energy solutions.” – David Hughes

Key Highlights:

  1. Timberland Acquisitions: Hughes Pacific has completed the acquisition of mature timberlands in Alberta and British Columbia, securing a solid foundation for its operations in Canada. The company is actively seeking additional opportunities to acquire up to 4,000 acres of mature timberland from private landowners across the country.

  2. Timber Rights Leases: Hughes Pacific intends to issue timber rights leases to local wood fuel product producers, facilitating the responsible and sustainable harvest of timber resources. This approach ensures that the land is used efficiently and supports the growth of the renewable wood fuel industry.

  3. Reforestation Commitment: After harvesting tracts of timberland, Hughes Pacific is committed to implementing reforestation efforts, contributing to the long-term health and sustainability of Canada’s forests. The revenue generated from timber rights leases will also be reinvested into acquiring more land over time, creating a sustainable cycle of forest management.

  4. Precision Forestry Management: Hughes Pacific is set to enhance its precision forestry management solutions by incorporating LiDAR services into the carbon offset market through means of easier accessibility to land owners. This technology will provide better accuracy in monitoring and managing timber resources, enabling the company to optimize its operations and minimize environmental impact. With its expanded presence in Canada, Hughes Pacific is well-positioned to assist in the development of carbon offset projects using LiDAR. Historically, LiDAR critical has weak points & strong points for providing data for carbon offset projects.

Hughes Pacific will utilize its new timberland as test sites to develop hybrid strategies and techniques to overcome weak points of LiADR solutions in the carbon offset market. These projects are crucial in addressing climate change and preserving the natural beauty of Canada’s landscapes.

Hughes Pacific’s dedication to sustainable forestry practices and innovation, coupled with its commitment to supporting the renewable wood fuel industry and carbon offset projects, underscores its mission to be a responsible steward of Canada’s forests.

About Hughes Pacific:

Hughes Pacific is a leader in sustainable forestry and carbon offset solutions, with a strong commitment to environmental stewardship and responsible land management. The company operates with a vision to create a sustainable future for Canada’s forests while contributing to global efforts to combat climate change. Through its timberland acquisitions, precision forestry management, and participation in being a liaison during carbon offset projects, Hughes Pacific is actively working towards a greener, more sustainable world.

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