Jartek to supply high speed drysorting line to Ipowood

Turnkey delivery includes Jartek in-house mechanical and automation solutions. The objective of the concept design was to combine effectiveness and simplicity. Ipowood wanted to build a new modern drysorting line, since the existing one was at the end of its technical era and didn’t meet future expectations. With this investment Ipowood ensures that the new line will be ready for future demands for example sawing capacity increase.

“Project is a great continuum for other sold Finnish projects”. Preparation for the project started years ago and activity increased past year. Positive investment decision is a good example for long term business and courage to invest in challenging market situation. Project consists of proven standard and with few new innovative solutions, which we tell more when the time is right. Big thanks for Ipowood. Important and great project ahead”, says Kari Puustinen, Director, Sales and Development.

”At final meters there was intense competition with suppliers from several different countries. Above all, we are looking for high capacity and we believe that Jartek will deliver us the best package”, says Tommi Lähteinen, CEO IIsalmen Sahat Oy.

Installation will start in end of 2024 and line will start on spring 2025.

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