Fourteen years ago, the Upper Austrian machinery company Westtech Maschinenbau GmbH introduced the first felling grapple to the market. Technical finesse and in-house know-how led to a product series that sets new standards. But that’s not all! Just in time for Agritechnica 2023, a new flagship is being introduced:

The largest felling grapple to date, the Woodcracker® C650!

In this field of machinery, the cutting diameter is not the only crucial factor. Since this type of felling grapple was designed, for example, for road safety measures, the grapple also plays an important role. Accordingly, it has been further developed, and the gripping force has been significantly increased. This allows for a secure grip on the cut material during the cutting process and enhances worker safety. The 3-finger grapple also closes synchronously and offers a wide opening.

At Westtech, the robustness of the machines is always one of the highest priorities in development – as is the case with the new Woodcracker® C650. Given the ability to cut trees with a diameter of up to 70cm, the rest of the machine must be designed to handle the corresponding weight of the cut material. Therefore, only very high-quality and strong bolt bearings have been used to further increase robustness.

This felling grapple is also made of durable and wear-resistant Hardox® steel, and the body is cathodic dip-painted (KTL primed), as is customary in the automotive industry. The advantage of this type of primer is good corrosion protection and an even coating in all cavities. A powder coating is baked onto this primer, making it ideal for outdoor use.

Naturally, this felling head also possesses all the excellent features found in the entire product series. The cutting unit consists of a high-strength blade that is easy to sharpen. If the blade needs to be replaced due to significant wear, it can be quickly disassembled and exchanged thanks to the patented blade attachment.

Only two double-acting control units on the carrier vehicle are required for all functions of the Woodcracker® C650, including all expandable options. The hydraulic lines are protected, well-sized, and lead to a well-positioned attachment frame.


The Woodcracker® C650 presents itself with unprecedented dimensions, such as a very high cutting diameter of 70cm. With this incomparably high cutting diameter, this machine stands out from the crowd! The required operating weight of the carrier vehicle should be between 28 and 40 tons.

An optional Power Tiltator is available. This makes the felling head more powerful when removing large trees, with double rotation and holding torque at a consistent speed.


At the Woodcracker® Demo Day, which will take place on Thursday, November 30th, in Knüllwald, Germany, it will be demonstrated live for the first time!

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